Lu Trô des Rènes…




NON-PEAK SEASON 238€ 238€ 352€
MID SEASON 334€ 334€ 403€
Haute Saison 426€ 426€ 472€

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It is a nearby place, where you can find apples, frogs and an entire range, which brings you close to nature. By poussette, foot, bicycle, ski, and even by horse (well yes, we have them in our pasture during the season of your outings), everything is made for your relaxation and for your happiness with your family or your friends.
« Lu Trô des Rènes » is an old building of a farm which used to be occupied by a bread making furnace, a workshop, a stable and surely by a lodging for the servant.
Now we have completely renovated it and it has become a lodge, which is highly equipped and protected against fire.
The ground floor is composed of two double rooms with each room having a bathroom (bath, basin and toilet) and a hall that leads to a big open terrace, which is furnished and has a barbecue and a fenced lawn.
On the first floor, there is a dining room, a kitchen in the corner equipped with a dish washer, microwave ovens and traditional electric plates and a hood that is next to a comfortable living room with a wooden stove, television and tele-distribution, DVD, Hi-Fi and ADSL connection.
A third room, with two single beds and two superimposed beds, has a bathroom with shower, basin, toilet and also an ADSL connection.

This lodge, close with the owner’s house, is found at the boundary of the village and offers you memorable journeys to the palace of Reinhardstein, the lake of Robertville, the skiing tracks in the alpine of Ovifat, the Signal of Botrange, the skiing tracks deep within the village,…

In order to preserve the quality of our lodges, student parties, bachelor parties, etc are not allowed



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