Ol Borbotte is first and foremost a love story for this place ideally situated on the edge of forests and fields.
Inspired by the nearby fountain that was once used to cool down milk jugs and as a refuge for frogs and insects, the Walloon term has remained with us.
It is then a desire, that of welcoming you, which has animated us for more than 20 years.

Our first two houses will be joined in 2022 by a new, comfortable lodging.

With the benefit of our experience, we are now committed to satisfying you.

Lu Trô des Renes

« Lu Trô des Rènes » is an old farm building that used to be a bread oven, a workshop, a stable and probably a servant's house...


Les Sababeles

Our house « Les Sababèles » is located in the barn of an old typical farm...


Le Clos Nestor

Le Clos Nestor defies the norms of aesthetics and brings a layout and volumes that are decidedly modern...